My Brown Balls

One of my many oh-so-healthy recipes for (vegan) chocolate truffles…dates, cranberries, cacao nibs, & coconut oil blended then coated in cacao powder. High in anti-oxidants, flavonoids, fiber, & so much more…this little snack won’t leave you feeling guilty after indulging your sweet tooth.

The Working Girl Meal

As a working girl I gravitate towards dishes that call for minimal prep & cook time. Growing up, this was the first fancy-esque dish I made because it didn’t require much technique yet when I would take the broiled salmon out of the oven I would feel like an accomplished chef. The only difference between my…

Moroccan Morning

My recent backpacking trip through Morocco took me to this lovely little restaurant in the middle of Jamaa el Fna in Marrakech (one of Morocco’s most famous market squares). I ate quite a few meals at this particular establishment because of the level of authenticity they brought to the table. As a Bengali, I’ve had my share…

Addiction: Octopus

Given my affinity for octopus, I’ve had various takes on octopus carpaccio but during my time in Rome, I basically made love to this dish over & over again at one of my favorite little restaurants near St. Peter’s Square. Simplicity, freshness, & execution made this the most memorable octopus dish I’ve enjoyed thus far.

Let’s Get Brown & Dirty

So for those who’ve wanted to make curry but haven’t had the balls to do so…I’m demystifying curry for you. Here are the basic spices I use when making (Bengali) curry. From left to right…coriander, ginger, cayenne pepper or paprika (I also like to add in fresh Serrano peppers), turmeric, cumin, garlic.

My Closest Attempt to the Real Deal

My version of eggplant parmesan with a twist. Linguini topped with my homemade marinara sauce & crispy tempura/parmesan battered eggplant. I prefer the crispy eggplant opposed to the traditional soggy version of it & also the lighter taste of parmesan when combined with the tempura.

Embracing the Brown

My sporadic visits to Bangladesh are more often dictated by my craving for authentic Bengali food. Even though my mother is one of the best Bengali cooks in my book (not just because she’s my mother), I still yearn for the type of cooking you can only get from the country itself. The process that…

Sticking to a Stick Diet

The jet lag I experienced during my trip to Hong Kong left me awake at late hours of the night when many of the restaurants were closed. With a limited choice of places to eat, I had to resort to dining on street foods, many of which were presented on sticks. This little beauty wasn’t one…

Foi, Meat & Taters…Brown Never Tasted So Good

I thought it would be most fitting to order my first foie gras dish while in Paris. The dish most certainly did not disappoint in taste but I can’t say as much for the presentation that was so dreary that it actually kept me from enjoying my meal. Needless to say…AESTHETICS MATTER.

The Real Deal.

Nothing excited me more than ordering my first pasta dish in Italy. The anticipation leading up to this moment was overwhelming to say the least because I feared that my expectations would not live up to the actual experience. Fortunately, this little gem of a restaurant never failed to please my taste buds during my…